Will's portrait. I’m Will.  I’ve been playing video games since I got my first 8-bit NES at the age of 9.

I do other forms of gaming as well: tabletop RPGs, board games, I’ve been known to wander into a casino now and again, and so on.

I’m a PhD Candidate at Northeastern University in their Law and Public Policy program, my particular focus in on Energy Policy.  When I’m not hard at work on my dissertation, though, I’m probably gaming – either alone or with friends.

I created Literate Comment for three reasons:

  1. I have a lot of thoughts and feelings about video games when I play them and I don’t see more than a cursory handling of these things in the common gaming media.
  2. I enjoy writing, especially about the things I’m passionate about.  I’m passionate about energy issues, and I’m passionate about storytelling and games.  I could’ve done a blog about energy policy, but then I’d feel guilty about diverting that energy from my dissertation.  So I write about games instead.
  3. It’s also not like I wouldn’t be thinking about those games as I play them.  I believe it’s important that we do more than just passively consume fiction, an umbrella that covers video games, especially modern games, more and more.  I believe fiction is a venue to explore ourselves, our world, our fears, and a whole slew of other things about ourselves and our societies without the high-stakes of real conflicts going wrong.  To do that, we have to engage with the ideas, themes, and elements of our fictions directly and consciously.

When I write for this blog I’m either taking a work and examining it in the bigger picture of the world that’s happening around that work, or I’m thinking to myself: How could this game be even better? Or otherwise along those lines, usually I’m doing both simultaneously.

I’m glad you’ve come this site. I put a lot of work into it and I hope you find the observations and commentary here useful.